Whether you’re a couch potato, a health nut or gym freak who needs a boost, refresh or wakeup call Quest Retreat is for you. Sometimes goals can seem daunting but don’t put them off anymore. How many Monday mornings have you been starting your new regime, maybe even years! Don’t let yourself still be saying the same thing this time next year.

Why not kick start that fitness regime now? We will assess you, educate you and send you away with an exercise plan that will work with your lifestyle. We will get you moving and show you the best exercises for YOU!


A brilliant cast-iron or cast steel weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. They are great for cardiovascular and strength training and also help to improve flexibility. They are for all levels of fitness but should only be used after coaching from an instructor.


A form of suspension training where you use your bodyweight to help develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability at the same time. This piece of equipment is great for any age and any level.

Battle Ropes

Working each arm independently, for a killer cardio workout and an alternative way to build strength, burn fat and get those endorphins going.


The cable machines are used for weight training and functional training. Weights are attached via a cable and pulley system with adjustable handles for different exercises for a great all over body workout.

CV Equipment

Cardiovascular Equipment is important to get your heart pumping, increasing your fitness levels and fat burning. There is a machine for everyone and for every ability. If you don’t like walking or running you can cycle, if you don’t like cycling you could try the cross trainer or the elliptical as its sometimes called.


A versatile piece of equipment used for strength training to help tone the whole body and increase strength, this can help in the prevention of osteoporosis. With countless exercise possibilities you can never get board.

Olympic Bar

An Olympic Bar is used to perform Olympic lifts such as Deadlifts, Squats, Bench press and much more. There are many exercises you can do to work the entire body and improve your posture and strength.

Resistance Bands

Great for all levels for improving strength and rehabilitation. You can work your whole body at a lower impact so great for injuries and those starting out.


Training with tyres is a good technique to give you a full body workout to tone and strengthen muscles.

We provide a combination of indoor and outdoor training so whether you’re looking to change your body shape, gain strength, increase your cardiovascular fitness or improve your mental health we have something for you.
To find out more about the equipment we offer or the retreat as a whole please call 01297 33193 or email