Legs, Bums and Tums

This class is great fun, it is designed to the beat and time of great music, it solely focuses on your, that’s right butts and guts, rounding those Butt’s making them perky and busting cellulite and say good bye to those un-wanted Guts. It is designed for everyone to take part with different progressions and abilities. Come along for a friendly environment where everyone is working towards shaping up and losing a few pounds.

Calories burned: 300-600kcal

Blast and Pump

A full body weight class that uses dumbbells, barbells and steps for the ultimate toning and muscle building class. Suitable for all abilities, the number one class for fast results body sculpting.

Calories burned: 400-800kcal


This class is beneficial for breathing technique and relaxation. It focuses on developing a foundation of core function, whilst gaining lean muscle tissue and promoting flexibility to improve how your body responds to everyday life, sports performance and prevent injuries. It is a challenging work out as it uses multiple muscle groups together to develop connective chains and functional ability of the body.

Calories Burned: 120-300kcal each hour


This class uses an array of exercises to target all muscles in a controlled and flowing way. It focusses on core and over all body strength improvement. A great low energy alternative to other toning classes.

Calories burned 250-400kcal each hour


High Intensity Interval Training is a short class that will get you out of breath for sure! It works on short bursts of exercise and rest periods. You will be put through your paces with various full body exercises. It’s great for fat burning and weight loss.

Calories Burned: 120-300kcal each hour


This class is a real game changer we use boxing equipment as well as other related exercises to put you through your paces to get you fit and healthy. It uses the basic techniques of boxing works on so many components of fitness.

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Reaction time
  • Agility
  • Balance and coordination

It’s a massive calorie burner and stress busting class that will have you looking and feeling great, it is aimed at children, woman and men of all shapes and sizes.

Calories burned: 350-700kcal


There are many ways to get in shape but Zumba is simply more fun. Dance yourself happy and healthy to great music.
It is taught by our simply amazing Zumba instructor who will give you confidence to shake those hips, move those feet and leave feeling uplifted. Zumba is great to get you hot and sweaty, but is low impact so great for people who are limited to the exercise they can do.

Calories burned 300-450kcal

Tight and toned

This class is designed to simply sculpt your body, using scientific methods to train you; you will be put through varied workouts every week so you’ll never get bored. Our specialised physique competitor has designed this class to get you results and fast.

Calories burned 550-800kcal

Kettle bells

This class will most certainly put you through your paces, kettle bells are a special shaped weight that can be used for functional and resistance based weight classes. It works on your strength, muscle tone and the your body’s ability to work in a functional way.

Calories burned 500-750kcal

Train insane

The ultimate HIIT session, not for the faint hearted this class is our biggest calorie burner and will burn fat, improve muscle tone and athletic ability. It uses high impact cardio related exercises to put you through your paces.

Calories burned 750-1000kcal


TRX is possibly the best class to improve your strength, flexibility, Tone and weight loss, all at the same time. It uses special suspension ropes to exercise you using your body weight as the resistance. It is the best class when it comes to adaptation as you can make it as hard or easy as you like. It is not high impact so one that suits all.

Calories burned: 300-650kcal

Kids after school club

After school club will have a massively varied content they will learn about healthy eating and life style choices, gentle but effective exercise that works on their functional and motor skills. We will include kids yoga, Pilates and lots of fun activities.

Kids boxercise

This is a great way for children to learn how to safely exercise and relive built up energy. It will get them moving as well as working on their Strength, Power, and Endurance, Speed, Reaction time, Agility Balance and coordination which can be applied to other sports. We have a programme available for any students who show prospect to be successful in boxing to be referred to a professional teacher who can help them develop their skills further. It is suitable for all abilities from the ages of 4-13 years.

Kids Dancercise

Using dance to develop a love for fitness and build coordination skills. This class is great for children who want to have fun, love music and will help develop new social skills outside of school environment.

Kids balance

This class is beneficial for breathing technique and relaxation. It focuses on developing a foundation of core function, whilst gaining lean muscle tissue and promoting flexibility to improve sports performance and prevent injuries. It is a specifically designed class for children and their developing bodies.

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