‘Matt has been a truly inspiring trainer and mentor. When I started working with Matt my confidence was at an all-time low. I’d tried so many ways to lose weight in the past, often choosing fad diets that would only render temporary success and leave me short of energy with little to no motivation. With Matt’s support and knowledge, I’ve re-educated new and healthy ways to maintain fitness and weight by understanding the value of nutrition, water intake and regular exercise, combining cardio with weights – something I’d never done before. Whereas before I would choose between one or two outfits that just ‘covered’ what I looked like, I’ve now dropped 3 dresses and have a whole new wardrobe! My confidence and sense of self-worth have massively increased. Just when I thought it would never be possible to make a change, Matt has taught me anything can be achieved with hard work, commitment and determination. Two months after my 12 week challenge the weight has stayed off, I’m toned and training for the London Marathon with new found confidence and strength. I can’t begin to thank Matt enough for his help, support and nurture during my challenge – for not only training me but for his council and mentorship. A truly inspirational trainer’